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Choosing Between Patio Enclosures and Patio Covers

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

The one thing that nobody ever seems to have enough of is space. Because of this truth, many seek to expand into their backyard areas to create more usable spaces for their needs and enjoyment. However, there are multiple ways to approach this. Many seek to fully enclose their patio area from the outdoors to create a pleasant sun room or reading area. Others want to keep the patio open yet covered from bad weather. Both solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Patio Enclosures
Patio enclosures are a great way to add an additional room or rooms to your home. This could be something as simple as a sun room or as elaborate as an additional kitchen. The main advantage to a patio enclosure is that you’re completely cut off from the outdoors. This means that you can enjoy the space no matter what the conditions outside are like. For extremely cold or hot weather the enclosed space will function just as well. The main disadvantage of this, though, is the exact same as it’s primary advantage – you’re completely cut off from the outdoors. This is a detriment anytime that you want to lounge around feeling a cool breeze and enjoying the sunshine. Some people try to get around this by covering entire walls with panes of glass for the sun and using screens to allow wind to filter in. Whatever the final setup, a patio enclosure is a significant investment of money.

Patio Covers
A patio cover is a simpler solution that allows you to feel like you’re still outside. The advantage of a patio cover is that you have greater assurance that your furniture and belongings won’t be damaged by rain or direct sunlight. Patio covers come in all sorts of varieties so that you can choose which one is best for your home. Patio covers are a great solution if you still want to feel the wind blowing through your hair on a balmy summer day. You may not be able to use the patio area during the worst weather conditions, but when you do use the patio you’ll still be part of the great outdoors.

Personal Space Solution
Make sure you consider your own unique needs before making a large investment into either a patio enclosure or a patio cover. Consider just how often you’ll use the space before determining what the space will ultimately look like. This will help you make a better choice so that you can enjoy your patio area all the more for years to come.

Finding Useful Patio Ideas And Designs

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

It seems that everywhere I go lately, I see patios: houses, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and spas. You name it, I’ve seen it there. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst South African gardens of all kinds and everyone is jumping at the opportunity to have it built onto their homes.

Patios are desired by any property owner because of the great features and value it adds to the property. It will modernize your property, increase its image and market value considerably and can change any house into a home by creating a warm, friendly, relaxed environment for anyone to enjoy.

There are wide varieties of patio ideas and designs available that is suitable for any type of property, regardless of its style of architectural design, size or colour. You just need to know where to start searching for ideas and inspiration.

Before you get to do the fun part of the project, you need to coordinate and plan your patio project properly. This is a structural project, so you will need a designer or planner to assist you by drawing up the ideas and design that you want. This design needs to show the location and exact measurements of the patio so you can buy the right material in the right sizes and quantities. Only when you are one hundred percent satisfied with your design, can you move on to the shopping.

This is not a small project, and definitely not one to take lightly. You do not want to make any errors, because it can cost you time, effort and money. In order to reduce the risk of making mistakes, you need to know exactly what your patio needs to be: you need to decide on colour, design, style and material, where it should be situated, how big it should be and if it should be separate from the house. So, start searching for information on the biggest information system in the world: the internet. Look at different product and material overviews, product comparison sites and endless colour charts. Request quotes on materials, paints and even smaller detail like furniture and d?cor product. Use different elements and mix and match to achieve the best look; the creative possibilities are endless! But if you are more of a contact type of person, visit various home improvement centres. Gather samples and compare them to each other. You are bound to come up with amazing patio ideas.

There are many different kinds of material to consider when looking for patio ideas. The most important elements of the patio would be the colours, textures and designs used: if this works, the patio could be bare and still look inviting and comfortable. Cobbles, flagstone, tiles and cladding are all different ideas to look at, just remember to first look at their qualities before making a decision. Compare their durability, looks, textures, colours and strength.

When purchasing your materials, consider rather buying natural quality material than artificial ones: keep the project as environmentally friendly as possible. Besides, there are no better designer and manufacturer than Mother Nature! The colours are rich and won’t fade as easily, the impact the project will have on the environment will be reduced, the strength of the stone and other materials will be better and it will look all natural, which is what you should be going for. Mother Nature will give your patio ideas life and a unique edge.

The internet is an amazing source of information, whether you are looking for furniture, or even landscaping and patio ideas, I am positive that you will find sufficient information on the internet. Or be daring: take a drive to different home improvement centres and let your imagination run free. But remember, whatever you do, keep it natural.

Aluma Wood Patio Covers In Las Vegas, Nevada. By- Custom Installations

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Want to know where you can find a leading patio cover business in the Las Vegas Nevada area? Custom Installations is here and will assist in all your patio cover installation needs.Owning a patio cover is a smart way to beat the hot Las Vegas sun and reap the many rewards a patio cover has to offer. A patio cover will give you the ability to get more use out of your backyard all year round. Your family will be able to relax and enjoy it more often with a quality patio cover installed on your home.

The product that works best in the Las Vegas sun is called Alluma-wood and Elite-wood. These patio covers come in two types: closed-solid and open-lattice style. The covers are made of heavy aluminum and will last for years. Alluma-wood and Elite-wood comes in 9 attractive colors and will not crack, warp, or become impaired by the sun. They come with a great warranty and will look good for years. The covers are about 4-5 times less expensive than wood or stucco covers and require no maintenance like wood
and stucco covers do.

Here are the great benefits to Alluma-wood and Elite-wood installed on your home by Custom Installations patio covers Las Vegas:

-Patios will minimize the sun’s heat from entering your home.
-Gives your family a great entertainment area to use all year long!
-Gives you cover from the rain and intense desert heat!
-Gives your home a more aesthetically pleasing look.
-Gives you an area to put out your chairs, barbecue and table.

Custom Installations- Patio Covers Las Vegas” has conducted business in the Las Vegas area for over 26 years. We are bonded, insured and licensed. We have never received any complaints through the Nevada Contractors Board and have 1,000’s of satisfied Las Vegas customers.

We are a alumawood and elite-wood patio cover dealer and wholesale alumawood/elitewood distributor for the entire Las Vegas Valley. You can save money buy getting your patio cover directly through us instead of sub contractors. We actually install patios for several different patio cover company’s in the Las Vegas Valley. With Custom Installations Patio Covers Las Vegas you will get the best warranty on the
market! Concrete work is available if needed and have great financing packages for those who need it.